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About US

WetradeTogether.com (herein after WTT) is a unique social networking platform for all finance and online trading enthusiast, where members can:

Create and share interactive stock charts enriched with studies, analysis, opinions and in-vestment ideas;

Create virtual Tradingcasts and share actual trading sessions with other community mem-bers via Remote Desktop Service (RDS)

More specifically member can:

- make new friends within the network of WTT with people who share the same interests and objectives;

- discuss and share marketing strategies with their friends as stock charts, analysis, reports, news, statistics and documents (PDF, DOC, XL, PPT. ...);

- share market positions and real-time trading with their friends;

- collaborate in real-time trough the intuitive web conferencing capabilities;

- compare their performance with those of their friends and trading operations with anyone who needs it within the network;

- invite guests from main social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and many others;

- propose polls, topics and compare ideas and solicit advice to use them immediately in trad-ing decisions;

- select, browsing profiles of top traders, based on their experience, asset traded and market approach, to reach them in the Tradingcast and observing in real time their trading activi-ties;

- decide which friends to invite or to accept an invitation from other traders in the network;

- know when a trader friend is online to invite or reach him in the Tradingcast

- collaborate with their friends more experienced, observing and putting into practice the ap-plication of their trading strategies that consider winning

- share real-time investment ideas by reading the constant stream of micro blogs from around the world

One of the most important and innovative of WTT feature is the Tradingcast: a new system of video conferencing and desktop sharing, which allows community members to create virtual places where you can trade together or allow experienced traders to carry out coaching or mentoring ac-tivities to beginners.

To allow immediate and real-time communications between users and give more information to substantiate their trading decisions, WTT has chosen to use the messaging system of Twitter, an emerging social networks, incorporating into its platform the continuous stream of micro blogs writ-ten both by users of Wetradetogether, along with those of millions of users of Twitter coming from around the world.

The peculiarity of the messages posted by users of Wetradetogether and Twitter is the speed of their spread. They are short, not to exceed, as the SMS of mobile phones, the 140 characters and are, in their simplicity and speed, ideal for monitoring the financial markets.

WTT filters the messages, to avoid that in this flow, end up also those that have nothing to do with the financial market, and publishes only those that are relevant to online trading and in particular with the purchase of shares, currencies, options, commodities , charts, comments and opinions on the markets done by the more experienced trader.

WTT also quantifies, depending on the content, messages that appear most frequently in the flow, graphically highlighted, on hourly or daily basis. In this way, users with a simple glance, can get immediately an idea of the "sentiment" of the market or on a specific title.

All the major Twitter features can be accessed directly from WTT. With a simple click WTT users can forward a message to their friends, send a direct message, follow the activities and information of a trader expert and do much more.

The obligation not to exceed 140 characters does not prevent users to expand their concepts through links in the messages that are automatically encrypted to reduce their length and for con-necting to web pages. In this way users always know what the traders and investors think about the market and at the same time can help by participating in conversations to improve their reputation as experts.

Users can access the platform WTT with the same username and password they use for other ma-jor social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc. Linkedin.

Another important feature for users is to create graphics in real time, for all financial products traded by means of an advanced editor, directly within the platform.

The graphs created by users are stored on site and classified by date, symbol or alphabet. They may be viewed and commented on by other users and, depending on their popularity, they can ap-pear in the "home page".

The Site is not directed to persons under 18. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with personally identifiable information without their consent, he or she should contact us at parents@wetradetogether.com. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 18. If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with personal identifiable Information, we will delete such information from our files.

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