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Find and follow investing leaders.

A network of experts in every discipline, each with their own strategy. Find one who shares your goals. Unlike anonymous institutional managers, our suggested traders have their own money at risk. The personal portfolios of some our suggested are online, so you can see what they own and look back at their track records.

If you are more interested in yield income than growth. Investors who seek income should find the spectrum of yield-focused Suggested on Wetradetogether to be compelling. Suggested use a range of instruments and asset classes to generate competitive yields in even the most challenging interest rate environment.

If you want to invest broadly in the market. The majority of investors want to own a diversified basket of stocks and seek a turnkey solution to do this well. A range of Suggested who have developed their own portfolio approaches for diversification in the broad market, with the aim to achieve steady growth that outperforms the S&P 500, but with lower volatility.

If you want to target specific market opportunities. Convinced that a market sector like Alternative Energy is the future, and want to invest in its growth? Think the Brazilian economy will outpace other emerging markets? Want to trade alongside a master of the algorithm? It’s all here – a broad range of sector, theme and investment strategies.

Why active management is better than passive

At its most basic level, active management is an approach to the stock market which maintains that the greatest returns can be generated by moving in and out of stocks at the appropriate time. Of course “appropriate time” is the operative word, and withi the world of active traders there is great debate about what that is. “Appropriate time” for some investors is based on a company reaching a specific price. For others, it may have nothing to do with the performance of a specific stock at all, and is triggered by “buy” or “sell” levels based on the overall market.

“Active management” is philosophically opposed to the “buy and hold” approach, which is based on the theory that an individual investor cannot outperform the overall market, and the prudent approach is simply to buy great companies and sit back.

Active management advocates would respond to that by saying it is no longer wise to take that approach. For example, for years if not generations there were few greater companies in America than Kodak. Kodak was a greatly loved iconic brand that enjoyed dominant market share and exhibited technological leadership. But dramatic changes in their industry – led by the move to digital photography – destroyed the company’s value and position.

The active management approach argues that market volatility – which has increased in recent years due to computer trading which moves large blocks of stocks extraordinary flashed –creates opportunities can be capitalized on. Active investors will often use trading techniques that include short-selling – betting that a stock will go down – as well as more sophisticated strategies that include “betting against the box,” collars, and many others.

Active investors range from those involved in day-trading to those who make frequent shifts in their portfolios. But as market complexity and volatility continue to increase, many who believe that the theory behind active investment is the right one – particularly as conditions are changing faster than ever before – find it difficult to implement that strategy in their own portfolios.

They either don’t have the time or expertise to make active trades, or haven’t found a money manager they fully trust or believe in.

One example to fill that gap is share portpholio. Wetradetogether makes a collection of skilled active tarder available in a single place. These traders are located around the world, so that they can take advantage of local market conditions.

Potential investors can find a tarder who best reflects their approach to active trading. For example, some are day traders; others aren’t making trades on a daily basis but take a very aggressive approach to keeping their portfolios current based on rapidly changing conditions, and the quickly occurring opportunities that result.

Given the fundamental changes in the economy in the U.S. and globally, it’s likely that the active management approach will likely grow in influence. Even Warren Buffet, the most famous “buy and hold” investor, has been taking a more active view of his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio in recent years.

Share Portfolio FAQs

Do I need to be registered as an Investment Advisor?

No. We license trading data from both professional and non-professional investors to manage models on Wetradetogether. As an unregistered investor you sign up to our Publisher Agreement where your prime responsibility is to license your trading data to us. You have no direct relationship with, or responsibility to, our clients.

I am unregistered, why can't I earn fees based on the assets following me?

Managing money is an activity regulated by the SEC. In managing a model on Wetradetogether you are not acting in an advisory capacity, you are simply a publisher of data which you license to us. We pay you a fixed fee for each subscriber to your data.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn. We share the management fees we charge with you. If you are an unregulated individual investor we pay you a fixed fee for each subscriber to your model, and if you are a Registered Investment Advisor we split the fees with you 50:50.

Can I use my existing brokerage account?

At this time you can select from 55 of popular brokerages.