ChatBOT, Sales Funnel, ChatGPT & AI Automation.

NEW YORK, November 28 – On the Youtube channel @TeachinGPT, the first episode of the podcast, titled “ChatBOT, Sales Funnel, ChatGPT & AI Automation.”

As an exclusive preview for you, the first episode of the podcast

“ChatBOT, Sales Funnel, ChatGPT & AI Automation” 
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Revolutionary Podcast with Virtual Characters and AI

The podcast represents an intriguing turning point in the landscape of dissemination, as both the interviewer Ettore and the expert Victor are virtual characters, made eloquent by ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence.

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ChatGPT talks about itself.

During the podcast, virtual interviewers and experts compare solutions in a whirlwind of ideas that mix and complement each other. The program’s concept falls within the mission of – Global Knowledge Exchange of Wetradetogether Corporation for the dissemination of open-source AI solutions in small and medium-sized enterprises. In February, Wetradetogether gave free access to It is an open-source AI WebAPP that allows having a business assistant who understands goals, implements strategies, and provides results without any human intervention. Furthermore, in June, another open-source WebApp was made public,, for automating marketing and customer support services through AI.

Why the concept of @Techingpt is innovative.

“The verisimilitude of the characters shows the potential of AI in shaping new forms of entertainment,” comments Alfredo Baraldi, CIO of Wetradetogether Corporation – The Youtube channel @TeachinGPT breaks down traditional broadcasting barriers and proposes virtual tutors played by ChatGPT for online corporate training. The podcast, available in twelve languages, aims to address an international audience of 150 million small entrepreneurs – source Google – proposing AI-enhanced solutions to scale their businesses.

Alfredo Baraldi – CIO – Wetradetogether Corp.

@Teachingpt – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

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“Wetradetogether saves you thousands of hours of work, giving you access to perspectives that you had never considered possible until now.”

Alfredo Baraldi

Wetradetogether CIO