Wetradetogether Corporation – Fact Sheet

Company Name: Wetradetogether Corporation

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: New York, United States

Industry: Finance, Technology, Social Networking

History and Development:

  • Founded in 2011 in New York as a technology start-up.
  • Initially focused on creating a social networking platform for investors, financial professionals, and companies, providing a place to share information on market trends and market sentiment.
  • Over time, expanded operations to include empowering and democratizing financial knowledge through the use of advanced technologies.

Recent Innovations:

  • Gloknex – Global Knowledge Exchange: A groundbreaking project aiming to spread open-source artificial intelligence (AI) solutions among small, micro, and medium enterprises.
  • FunnelChatGPT.com: Launched in February, this AI tool sets goals, implements strategies, and delivers results autonomously, without human intervention.
  • FunnelChatBOT.com: Introduced in June, this AI automates marketing and customer support services.

Recent Initiatives:

  • @TeachinGPT Podcast on YouTube: An initiative that marks a turning point in the field of dissemination, using virtual characters powered by ChatGPT’s AI to discuss topics related to AI for businesses.
  • Goals of TeachinGPT: To overcome traditional broadcasting barriers, using virtual tutors to enhance online training through ChatGPT. The podcast, available in seven languages and accompanied by two public AI web apps, targets 150 million entrepreneurs.

Corporate Vision:

  • Slogan: “From stock exchange to knowledge exchange.”
  • Focus on SMEs: Facilitating the scalability of small and micro businesses through the automation of business processes.
  • Investment in Education: Promoting continuous training as a key to the success of SMEs, in line with Benjamin Franklin’s quote: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”