Wetradetogether Corporation – Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Analysis

Year 2021

  • Total Assets: $1,359,609
  • Total Liabilities: $13,000

Year 2022

  • Total Assets: $1,363,441
  • Total Liabilities: $13,832

Technology Investments and Impact on Costs

  • FunnelChatBOT and FunnelChatGPT: Developed internally by CEO Alfredo Baraldi and collaborators on a voluntary basis, these projects have not been accounted for as costs in the balance sheet. They are open-source code projects that required substantial refactoring efforts.
  • Impact on Patrimonial Value: Despite not constituting a cost to the company due to their voluntary nature, these projects have significantly increased the company’s patrimonial value from 2021 to the present.
  • Company Consolidation: These contributions, although based on estimates and not formally appraised, represent substantial consolidation elements for the company.

Freemium Strategy (In Planning Phase)

  • Anticipated Freemium Model: As of this report, the freemium model for FunnelChatBOT and FunnelChatGPT is still in the planning stages. This strategy aims to significantly expand our user base, focusing on approximately 10,000 business owners who will engage with our @teachinGPT podcast.
  • Future User Base Growth: The future implementation of this model is expected to attract a substantial number of small business owners, offering them valuable AI tools at no initial cost.
  • Launch Planned for Autumn 2023: We are planning to officially launch the freemium model in the autumn of 2023, marking a significant step in our market growth and expansion.
  • Potential Increase in Patrimonial Value: The introduction of the freemium model is projected to further contribute to the patrimonial growth and market presence of Wetradetogether Corporation, once implemented.

Business Context and Strategy

  • 2022 Initiatives: Launching @TeachinGPT and the AI platforms are key initiatives.
  • Focus on SMEs: Targeting SMEs with AI tools strategically positions the company for future growth.


Wetradetogether Corporation shows signs of growth and financial stability between 2021 and 2022. The internal, voluntary contributions in AI technology, along with the planned implementation of a freemium business model, have provided a significant boost to the company’s assets, setting a solid foundation for future consolidation and expansion.